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Hardscaping Installation
& Outdoor Kitchens

Architecture That You'll Love

Hardscape designs are both functional and aesthetically pleasing and can extend the square  footage of your living space by creating outdoor areas to gather your family and friends.  Hardscapes can be constructed from wood, stone, or precast concrete products and  include: 

   • Patios 

   • Driveways 

   • Retaining walls 

   • Outdoor kitchens

   • Trellises 

   • Arbors 

   • Fire pits 

   • Lighted pathways 

   • Trickling ponds 

Because of DM Landscaping's constant pursuit of excellence, the use of hardscape design will bring your decorative touches and architecture that you love about the inside of your  home to the outside. Your yard and home can now become a reflection of your personal  taste! 

Outdoor Kitchens

Entertain Your Guest While Enjoying The Great Outdoors

One of our favorite design and installation projects is creating outdoor kitchens. We know  that outdoor kitchens are often on your wish list and when you are ready to expand your  entertaining square footage, we are ready to help! 

With Pennsylvania’s three seasons of enjoyable outdoor weather (and it’s four seasons if  you include a fire pit and heaters), an outdoor kitchen makes perfect sense. Pavers and  retaining walls will set the space apart from your yard. Beautiful stone and brick can be  used around your gas grill. We can even add refrigeration, sinks, and anything else you  dream up in your outdoor fantasy kitchen. 

Imagine family bar-b-ques, gatherings with friends on a crisp autumn evening to roast  marshmallows and play cards, or soaking up the sun with a drink in hand on a warm  summer day. All this can be yours, just give us a call today. We will look forward to working  with you on your amazing Outdoor Kitchen. 

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