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Image by Billy Freeman

Excavation &
Erosion Control

We've Got The Kwowledge & Tools

Would you like an outdoor oasis? We've got you covered!

Whether you need a small portion of your yard graded for seeding or more extensive  excavation to start a new project, we have the knowledge and ability to satisfy your  excavation needs. We have the ability to match the right size equipment to your specific  job, which allows us to maximize productivity and minimize disturbance to surrounding  areas. 

We have extensive knowledge of water movement and drainage that allows us to turn that  muddy spot in your yard into a useful section of turf or a colorful flower bed. We can convert your yard into the outdoor oasis you always dreamed of having.

Erosion Control 

Whether your lawn is plagued with a marshy low spot or overwhelming storm run off from  surrounding areas, DM Landscaping can create solutions that minimize the effects on your  property and increase the appeal and functionality of your outdoor space. We have the  ability to remediate failing or abandoned water management systems, stabilize slopes, and  maintain them for future use.

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